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We have a No Return Policy on All of our Avian Fashions Items

We do not take the risk of any Avian transmitted diseases being transmitted through our products. Some of these types of diseases can be transmitted to both birds & humans and they can be extremley serious. Safety is a Priority with us! We do not resell items because of the health risk.

Exchanges can be made if 1.) No packaging has been tampered with and is in its original condition, And 2). You pay the shipping and handling cost to return the item to us and you pay the shipping and handling cost for us to return the item back to you.

Mistakes on our Part are Covered by Us

Avian Fashions does provide their own Manufacturer Guarantee. This information is on the packaging of all of their items. They guarantee their items for manufacturer defects & size.

Please, feel free to ask any questions.

Because of our No Return Policy we work hard to help make sure out customers order the exact size they need for their bird.
We may already know the size of a bird that is not listed on our size chart or we may have to determine the needed size by having the person take a couple of measurements for us.

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